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In the Kingdom of Nabu, all was peaceful and the valley lay quiet for many hundreds of years. The dragons in Dragonville lived in harmony and at one with Nature, and all was blissful and serene.

But then, suddenly, without warning, a swarm of horrible violent humans, led by the vicious and treacherous Bruce the Dragonkiller, descended on Dragonville and enslaved the entire population, murdering the Town Council and other civil leaders so they could not lead a rebellion against the evil invaders.

Not only have the marauders imprisoned us dragons and now keep us as slaves in our little village -- they have stolen our virgins, our precious gold hoards, and are even now desecrating and destroying our only food supply, flocks of many thousands of well-fed, contented sheep, now shorn of wool and starved and mistreated by these evil and malicious captors.

This urgent message comes to YOU, O Master Dragon, to plead for intervention! You are now our only hope! We beg you to come out of retirement and to employ your magic powers as you did of old, in the days before the Great Peace came to us.

We ask you to penetrate into the deep dark inmost regions of the darkest dungeons of Castle Drake, once the home of our beautiful leader, Winifred the Dragon Queen, who is now imprisoned somewhere within its walls.

Deep in the darkest Dungeons of Drake, the barbaric and thoroughly despicable Bruce the Dragonkiller has taken up residence. Find him and destroy his evil and violent minions, and rid us of the cruel and undragonly humans who have destroyed our world and taken captive all those who once occupied and tilled the soil and drank DragonBrew and smoked DragonWeed in the Tavern on the Green, living together and working together in peaceful harmony.

The Dragon Shamans of the Valley of Draconia have worked their spells to enable you to respawn in the event that your fire is snuffed during your quest. If all has gone as planned, you should respawn in the same area of dungeon where you were slain.

Guard and use your limited resources well -- you will find Dispensers of Replenishment in the usual places along the way. The invaders have not destroyed them, at least not yet. You will undoubtedly find some Life Vials and Scaly Armor Drops amongst the dead.

You have at your disposal a variety of weapons -- first and most dependable of all is your DragonBreath, which you can invoke with the number zero and which you will always have available when all else fails.

Here is a list of your available weapons and powers:

  1. DragonBreath -- limited range but very powerful in close combat.
  2. DragonRounds -- ranged weaponry with tiny fireballs.
  3. Boomerang -- brings things to you, including enemies, so beware!
  4. DragonBombs -- destroys obstacles in your path.
  5. DragonBolts -- flaming bolts of fire that give you extra reach.
  6. DragonFire -- powerful flame that melts all in your path.
  7. Grapple -- gives you the ability to draw yourself to a target.
  8. DragonRox -- rockets of explosive flame and destruction.
  9. DragonSpells -- wizardry of confusion and disorientation.
  10. AutoFlame -- automatic flaming fireballs, fast and accurate.

Other Dragon Heroes may also join in your quest. Should they do so, your scores will be compared at the end of your timed quest, but hurry! You must accomplish your task in the appointed time!

Pick up all drops, open all treasure chests, to maximize your score. Take replenishment from the dispensers near the Level Bosses only at severe need. Be ready to change weapons as supplies of fire and flame run out. Above all, keep moving! Do not hesitate, nor delay your forward momentum. Keep true to your aim and you will succeed!!!

Good luck to you, Master Dragon! We await your triumphant return!!!

-- Arthur Pendragon on behalf of the New Town Council.

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